The Virginia Homespun Dance Ensemble

The Virginia Homespun Dance Ensemble

The war history is frequently presented as military history of generals, battles, and lives lost. Often overlooked is a description of life before war intruded. One such area of life was the frequent social event, dance. Whether a formal ball; a less formal get together in someone’s parlor, people enjoyed the music, dancing, and the time to socialize. Out of a desire to recreate a social event of relative importance, members created a dance group to learn the mid-Victorian dances. Over time, the group grew in number, began to host dances, and eventually was called upon to provide dance demonstrations for the general public. Thus, The Virginia Homespun Dance Ensemble evolved.

The ensemble is a loosely affiliated group of 12th VA members and friends interested in continuing this social tradition. Participation in the group is open to all 12th VA members as part of their membership; friends and interested parties are asked to pay a small yearly fee covering the required liability insurance. Friends and interested parties may choose to participate in dance practices only; or to be a part of the dance demonstrations. Anyone choosing to participate in demonstration is expected to adhere to dress and decorum guidelines found in A Guide to Authentic Participation in Reenactments and Living History Scenarios.*

Dance practices are held monthly, except December, at the Confederate Hills Recreation Center, 302 Lee Avenue, Highland Springs, VA 23075, 7-9 pm. Practices are usually on the 3rd Monday of each month; but exceptions do occur. Please see the company schedule for current practice dates. Also notable is the need to cancel practice due to weather conditions. We automatically cancel practice when Henrico

County Schools are closed or evening activities are cancelled due to weather conditions.

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