Welcome to the 12th Virginia Infantry, Company B, the "Petersburg Grays"!

Color Sergeant William Smith

Color Sgt. William Smith

Hello and warmest Southern greetings! This is the homepage for the 12th Virginia Infantry, Company B. We are American Civil War reenactors dedicated to providing a high degree of authenticity while honoring our ancestors.

Originally a militia unit based in Petersburg, Virginia, the Petersburg Grays was one of the military units to quickly come to the defense of our home state in 1861 when called upon. The modern-day 12th Virginia Infantry is a "progressive" reenactment unit that does a wide variety of events throughout the American East. Living history, battle reenactments, preservation events, all these are part of what we do.

Affiliated with "Longstreet's Corps", the 12th Virginia Infantry is a family-friendly unit that welcomes participation from our lady members, civilians, and long-distance members. Like to join us? Enlist now!

Thank you for visiting, and please check back often as this page is updated!

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Updated: 1/10/09


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