Company C

Welcome to Company C of the 12th Virginia Infantry, also known as the Petersburg New Grays

Please join us at our monthly meetings.

Where: Colonial Heights Public Library, on the corner of Conduit Road & Yacht Basin Drive.

When: 7:00 pm on the fourth Wednesday each month.

Company C is based in the Tri-Cities. Our efforts center on battle reenactments, living histories, historical presentations, honor guard details and community activities in the Greater Petersburg Area. We are the sister company of Company B, based in Varina. We will fall-in with or alongside Company B at larger, joint events.

Our goal is to educate the general public about the War Between the States and the terrible events that took place around Petersburg. Therefore, we hope our members will take to the books as well as the fields. Our monthly meetings will include historical discussions and information on how to improve your impression.

Company C is a non-political, non-biased historical research and educational corporation that does not discriminate based on race, sex, national origin, religion, or age.

We accept applicants 12 years or older. Due to insurance regulations, members must be at least 16 to take the field under arms. Juvenile members must be under parental supervision at all times. Female members can portray either civilian or military. However, any woman who portrays a soldier must do her best to disguise herself as a man.

All uniforms and equipment are the responsibility of the member. Our policy allows one year to gather your necessary items. All items must pass our authenticity standards. Some members may have extra gear that you can borrow for a short time.

For more details, contact:

Captain┬áRandy Watkins – 804-615-0107

We look forward to seeing you on the field of battle.

Company C Dispatch – February, 2017


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