The Civilians

The 12th VA Regiment boasts an active civilian membership.  Civilians are adult men and women or children under the age of 18 who have elected to represent an often untold side of the war—the home front.

The civilian membership, like the military, presents itself in appropriate attire and mannerisms of the time; is conversant and knowledgeable of the history prior to and during the war years; and adheres to guidelines in A Guide to Authentic Participation in Reenactments and Living History Scenarios* at events and during living history presentations.

Participation is active and varied:  Civilians camp within the military camp at events unless otherwise directed by event planners.  While in camp and hosting potential visitors, emphasis is placed on camp life and the historical role of women around camps.  We strongly emphasize that we are a family oriented group and, as such, take liberties not consistent with life in the 1860’s camps.

Civilian members have actively identified specific areas of interest in order to research and become expert in those areas.  Some of these areas include: cooking; children’s games; mourning practices; clothing; women spies; women nurses; food and medical shortages on the home front; and prostitution.  New research is also conducted upon request from living history coordinators.

This sounds like a lot of work—but it isn’t!  We have fun dressing up and sharing our passion with the public.

For more information please contact Civilian Coordinator Sherry Graves:


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